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Saraswati College of Professional Studies Adhyatmik Nagar, Dasna, Ghaziabad

About the Journal

About the Journal

      E-ISSN : Applied.

      PRINT ISSN : 2350-1170.

      Frequency: Yearly

Edulink- Journal of Education, is an annual publication by SCPS, GHAZIABAD, which intends to encourage theoretically sound and empirically strong new ideas and perspectives through research articles that include high quality conceptual/theoretical papers, review papers, empirical papers, case studies, and book reviews in different areas of education. We encourage researchers to publish their work which significantly contributes towards different aspects of educational views, research and practices. This journal is a platform where you can explore the dimensions of educational practices for enriching school and teacher education. A number of contemporary developments in the theories guiding the educational practices have marked the current millennium. These developments have significantly impacted the economy of the nations as well as the overall educational approach. Keeping these developments in mind, the journal caters to a wide variety of audience which includes practitioners, researcher scholars and academicians.


The scope of the journal is to expand the horizon of education research by publishing articles based on different perspectives using a variety of methodological approaches in conceptual, empirical, and policy-oriented researches and exploring the underlying phenomenon that would not only drive future researches but also provide solutions to the educational problems. The journal aims at publishing original research articles that explore various facets of education and provide new insights to resolve management issues on a real-time basis along with implications for the involved stakeholders. The journal welcomes applied interdisciplinary research in the allied areas of education that provide unique insights to solve contemporary educational issues. The specific aims of the journal are–

      ●     To establish an effective channel of communication amongst academic and research institutions, policymakers, government agencies, and              persons concerned with the complex roles of education and globalization.
      ●     To promote research in school and teacher education and stimulate discussions, deliberations, and debates on different educational              strategies, principles, models, methodologies, techniques, applications in the field of school and teacher education.
      ●     To serve as a generator of ideas that can be applied to problems of school and teacher education in today's ever increasingly interdependent               world.
      ●     To serve as a means of enlightenment and provide food for thought for business leaders, policy-makers, researchers, and academicians all              over the world.
Manuscripts that are suitable for publication in the Edulink-Journal of Education include the following areas but are not limited to-Educational Psychology, Educational Philosophy, Educational Sociology, Educational Research, Educational Technology, Guidance and Counselling, Environment Education, Value Education, Educational Administration & Management, History of Education, E-Learning and Online Education, Interdisciplinary and Allied areas of Education.


      ●       Subscription-Yearly
      ●       Number of Issues-1
      ●       Publication-Online / Print (Both)
      ●      For subscribing to Edulink-Journal of Education, please print and fill out the form completely click here and send it to along with the payment proof.